Tania‘s Photos


Tania is the hottest transexual we’ve ever had the pleasure of working with at the Pleasure Principle. She’s very good looking and can pass for a real woman.

Tania is very clean – clean living with no drinking and no drugs. She’s intelligent, “together” and in bed she’s hotter than fire. Sexually Tania is truly bisexual – yes, bisexual. She enjoys having sex with both men and women. Her favorite sexual act is to be top (insertive partner) with a man.

At the Pleasure Principle we are 100% open mind and respect the full spectrum of human sexuality. Tania is a gem of a woman and we are proud to feature her on our websites.

Age: 25

Height: 165 CM

Weight: 55 KG

Hung: 8 inches

Services For: Men, Women, Bisexual, TS

Speaks: Spanish Only

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