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Rose is hotter than fire; when asked what her hobbies were she replied “sex and more sex – the hotter the better”! And she means it; no joking here! Sometimes at the Pleasure Principle we are very fortunate and find girls who are truly nymphomaniacs. Rose fits the bill. She simply loves sex with all different types of men…….and women. She’s 100% “middle of the fence” and equally enjoys both sexes.

Client feedback? Well, we don’t keep girls who receive bad or mediocre client comments. All of our girls are the very least good at what they do. Rose however……pure fire – clients love her and her and see her time and time again. Very highly recommended.

Age: 22

Height:  160 CM

Weight: 60 KG

Chest: 32A

Waist: 60 CM

Hip: 90 CM


Gentlemen, Couples, Lesbian Show, 100% Bisexual


Spanish & Basic English

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