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You’d never guess she’s 18! Azul will fulfill your fantasies on young schoolgirls, innocent teens, barely legal seduction or even an underage girl come true.

Azul loves to pout, and pretend wide-eyed innocent. Go ahead and undress her, she may resist a little and pretend reluctant, but only as part of the game. Once you are fully engaged, the innocent act stops and you’re in for a wild night.

Take our girls out for dinner or parties and you’ll be the envy of many. At The Pleasure Principle, we make sure we have the right girl just for you.

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Age: 18

Height:  156 CM

Weight: 50 KG

Chest: 80 CM

Waist: 60 CM

Hip: 90 CM


Gentlemen Only


Basic English

We are available 24/7
to answer questions and help with reservations