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Alexa is the girl who wants to help you complete your fantasies. She loves to party all night and is 100% bisexual.

She does everything; kisses, natural oral to completion in her mouth, threesomes, lesbian shows, and even anal sex. If you want something that isn’t listed, it’s because we don’t want to print it, not because she won’t do it.

If you’re bi-curious, let Alexa guide you through your first experience. If you want to go swinging, Alexa is both bisexual and bilingual and can make your swing club date a memorable experience. If you’ve never tried anal, Alexa is patient and enthusiastic.

No matter what your fantasy, Alexa is the girl who will enjoy making it come true.

Age: 25

Height:  160 CM

Weight: 48 KG

Chest: 34B

Waist: 60 CM

Hip: 90 CM


Gentlemen, Couples, Lesbian Show, Anal


Spanish and Fluent English

We are available 24/7
to answer questions and help with reservations